Lovely testimonial from Elvin Acting student Sophie Bryant!

Having only recently starting working with Sophie she has made an incredible transformation. From the timid, self conscious student I first met, she now truly embraces her talent as an actress. A particularly fine moment was her finding such truth and freedom of spirit in her Juliet speech it honestly took my breath away. Here is what she had to say about her time with Elvin Acting.

passport sise.jpg

"Before I started my lessons with Faye, I was feeling negative, not only about the state of my monologues, but also about myself as a performer. Faye completely turned both my pieces and my attitude around. The way she helped me with my speeches was incredibly kind and supportive but also honest , constructive and to the point, making me push myself and my work into new and refreshing approaches. I found my speeches became more free and spontaneous after only a couple of lessons and, I myself grew in confidence approaching auditions with a far healthier mind-set. These lessons did me a world of good and I'd recommend them to anyone thinking of applying to Drama School."

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