Matt's off to LIPA!!!


After an incredible audition season with places to choose from, Elvin Acting student Matt Harwood has decided to take up his rightfully deserved place at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts! I could not be prouder or more happy for Matt who has shown nothing but dedication and determination in his drive to get to drama school. Matt has developed beautifully in our short time working together and I wish him all the luck in the world in his training and future career! His lovely testimonial for Elvin Acting can be read below.

"Having worked with lots of workshops and big classes I needed that one on one time. Faye was just incredible the care, love and the intensity of how she helped me approach my auditions and any speech or play was like no one else. After a unsuccessful first round of auditioning in 2012 this switched to a year with 4 offers and many re calls after working with Faye - Proofs in the pudding!"

Matt Harwood - Will begin training for BA Hons at LIPA in 2015

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