Workshops for Professional Actors

Here you can book our Workshops with current International and London based industry professionals who have come to visit us in Bristol. Elvin Acting aims to provide fairly priced workshops to local talent as we realise that travelling to London and abroad for top quality workshops is something we can't all afford and shoudn't be a barrier to progessing in our careers. In order to broaden networks between London and Bristol, we have invited specially selected indistry professionals to come and work with you and provide opportunitites rarely seen outside of London.


To qualify for these workshops you must have a Spotlight membership or at least two professional acting credits.


Your Spotlight View Pin will be required when booking or email evidence of your two Professional Acting Credits.


Workshops are still in the planning so check back soon to see what you can book!


Workshop leader Jimmy Grimes

Puppetry for Actors.

Puppetry is fast becoming an integral part of successful productions world wide! Make sure you're ready to be a part of it by attending this workshop.Here will explore key principles of puppetry and equip actors with the basic skills to bring objects and puppets to life on stage. Ideal for first timers or those looking to develop their basic skills. No experience required.

Jimmy Grimes: 

Puppetry Designer/Director Jimmy trained at Lamda and The Orange Tree Theatre. He spent 3 years working on the National a Theatre production of War Horse where he was Associate Puppetry Director. Most recent work includes puppets for 'The Shepherd's Life' (Keswick Theatre By The Lake), and projects in development with The Orange Tree Theatre and Unicorn Theatre for Brunskill & Grimes.

Workshop leader Adam Meggido

Improvisation for Actors.

Improvisation is a key part of any actors skill set. Being aware of other players and actors and having clarity in communication and the confidence in the role that you are playing is key to being a great actor in general. Here you will be provided with the tools to help you in feeling confident about your abilities in improvisation.

Adam Meggido

Writer / Theatre Director

Adam is a writer, director and specialist in improvisation. He is the Artistic Director of Extempore Theatre ( and co-creator of the Olivier award-winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, the first improvised theatre show to win a major award. He also directed the Olivier nominated smash hit West End Comedy - Peter Pan Goes Wrong. From 2007 – 2016 he was Head of Foundation at LAMDA, and is an Associate Director of the National Youth Theatre. He holds the world record for directing long-form improvisation – 55 hours in Toronto (2013).