Rosie howard

The last few years have made me realise that teaching and developing creative work is my vocation. This knowledge has been strongly compounded by the many industry professionals I have worked with. From a young age I have participated in the performing arts, culminating in attending Mountview and working as a professional actor and singer.

Aside from years of professional training and developing my skills (London Actors Workshop/Voice and movement workshops E.A.T Company.) Professionally I have seen myself gather up experience from professional stage productions to pantomimes. These all spill into teaching, meaning I can bring an insider perspective. As an artist, I am interested in and have a strength in devising work, from having a short play I've written be shortlisted and shown in London (DRAUGHT events) to leading various creative workshops for children (Stick a picture/writers blockbuster.) The manufacturing of creative processes is an interest of mine and I’ve just finished directing a short play for E.A.T. for Bristol Playwright festival. Currently, I’m Assistant Directing and Stage Managing a new play, which I am taking to Edinburgh through Elvin Acting Theatre. Music comes naturally to me, having the ability to sight read music for piano, and having an impressive ear with an ability for composing mashups/harmonies/group work. Something I’m currently in the process of developing is being involved in the creative process of developing a play, ready to take to Fringe 2019.


1 hour private lesson - £35

30 minute private lesson - £18

1 hour paired lesson - £60