peripatetic Speech & Drama 


As a means of studying Speech and Drama, Elvin Acting can take pupils through LAMDA Examinations. Within schools, a dedicated teacher visits you weekly to see the students wishing to participate. There is little organisation to do for the school as all our teachers are freelancers holding enhanced DBS checks and are well versed in the LAMDA syllabus. Our contract is directly with the parents taking all the admin away from the school. If you wish to offer your students the opportunity of professional peripatetic speech & drama training, all we need is a classroom. 


The examinations are optional and children may wish to participate in lessons to further their skills and confidence without the pressure of exams. We can also enter pupils into local festivals such as The Mid-Somerset Festival held in Bath and informal presentations at school to provide extra performance opportunities.

A bit more about LAMDA Exams

Exams can be taken from 5 years old through to Adult diplomas. 


LAMDA offer a wide range of examinations including Speaking Of Verse and Prose, Acting, Mime, Reading For Performance, Devised Performance, Spoken English and Public Speaking.


The Speaking examinations are taken individually but the Performance examinations may be taken individually or with a partner.


LAMDA also offer group examinations in Speaking, Acting and Devised Performance. Through a range of examinations their mission at LAMDA is to: Improve standards of communication through the spoken word. Develop an appreciation for literature and drama. Provide a framework through which individuals can develop. Support the creative, social and intellectual development of an individual. Build confidence and self esteem. Enable students to acquire skill certification. Through examination provide a record of personal achievement.


The examinations are split into 4 main levels:

Introductory Examinations (Minimum Age 5)

Entry Level (Minimum Age 8)

Level 1 (Foundation) - Grades 1-3

Level 2 (Intermediate) - Grade 4-5

Level 3 (Advanced) - Grades 6-8 which are also known as Bronze,Silver and Gold Awards.


After students have reached Grade 8, they can then continue to study towards their diplomas. These are:

The LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama (P.CERT.LAM)

The LAMDA Diploma in Drama Art (LDDA)

The LAMDA Diploma in Speech and Drama Education (LSDE)

Students can also be entered for the LAMDA Communication Award and the LAMDA Performance Award. LAMDA Examinations are accredited by the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) providing nationally recognised qualifications.

This means that they are part of the National Qualifications framework and equate with other qualifications within the sector.


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