TEXT Workshop

Classical text can appear daunting and dull to many. This workshop will aim to provide access to the most complex of text and give you a way to bring it to life as a performer. Being comfortable with classical text can aid actors in their interpretation of contemporary work, as the acknowledgment of imagery, rhythm and punctuation is essential across all texts. 


Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between drama involvement and academic achievement. In addition to having higher standardized test scores than their peers who do not experience the arts, student who participate in drama often experience improved reading comprehension, maintain better attendance records, and stay generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts. Schools with arts-integrated programs, even in low-income areas, report high academic achievement


The workshops can be booked individually or as part of a block.

The block discount is valid if all workshops are delivered on the same day or spread out across another time scale.

There is a maximum of 30 students per workshop.  

One practitioner from Elvin Acting delivers the workshop so additional staff from the school may need to be available to ensure safety for the student to staff ratio.


Pricing works as follows:

(If you book more than one workshop, you may wish for these to take place over more than one day. Please state this when booking. The maximum number of workshops that can be taken in one day is three, equaling six hours of tuition per day)


1 workshop (2 hours) = £300

2 workshops (4 hours) = £580 (£20 saving)

3 workshops (6 hours) = £850 (£50 saving)

4 workshops (8 hours) = £1125 (£75 saving)

5 workshops (10 hours) = £1400 (£100 saving)