Audition Preparation


Being frequently on the audition panel for LAMDA at preliminary and re-call stages, I can offer you up to date advice on how to make the most out of what can be a scary and sometimes traumatic experience.


Auditions are a fact of life for any actor and hopefully,  as a professional, you'll be attending quite a few! Some can feel like torture, some can be incredible fun. It depends massively on the project and the creative team behind it.


With Elvin Acting you will be taken through any speeches you have to prepare in great detail making sure that you are fully aware of your acting choices and why they have been made. Also, we will give you comprehensive advice on audition etiquette.


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Private Classes are charged at £30 per hour.


This is a flexible fee as you may require a different time structure to their lessons. Subsequently half hour lessons are charged at £15 and forty five minute lessons at £22.50.


Where are we?


Private tuition  can take place in the beautiful village of Newton St Loe. close to Bath, or the lovely suburb of Hanham which is closer to Bristol.  Directions and full address will be provided upon booking.