Not all students wish to take examinations or wish to perform in public, but still wish to develop their skills.


Booking in for a weekly lesson to kick start your skills. Work through modern and classical texts, get a feel for spacial awareness on stage, find out how to create a character and develop their movements and individual ticks to create an honest and truthful portrayal of a character.


Every session provides you with plenty of opportunity to practice your new acting skills, under the eye of an expert teacher, making sure you feel confident and happy. If you haven't been on stage before, or have always held a secret dramatic desire, this is the ideal place for you to give acting a whirl.


Elvin Acting's class' are ideal for those with a love of acting or no acting experience whatsoever, providing the chance to explore acting techniques in playful and practical way, while having fun and learning to trust your natural instincts. What we cover in each session will differ according to the needs and wants of the students.


This is the option for you if you would like a focused, fun, no pressure environment to test out your acting skills. This class can be taken individually, in pairs or small groups and is for any age! Give it a go!

How to book


Check out our staff profiles to find the perfect match for you. 

Prices are shown on individuals pages.


Where are we?


Private tuition can take place across Bath or Bristol, depending on teacher availability and what suits you.  Directions and full address will be provided upon booking.